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Interior doors in Newnan, Georgia from WT Newnan Window Installers

When choosing new interior doors for your Newnan Ga. home, you’ll quickly learn there are a lot of alternatives. This can be extremely which might be intimidating. Before you start remodeling your Newnan Ga. home, let’s go over the basics of interior doors. WT Newnan Window Installers has prepared a selection of pro-tips to assist you! We’ll help you  look for the best-valued interior door for your property!

 #1 The Style 

Let’s start with the style. The door’s style can be either molded or flush. Molded doors are made by pressing or molding two panels together to create a certain look. Molded doors come pre-primed and are available with a smooth or textured finish. These doors are primed and ready to paint. However, they cannot be stained because they are primed. Flush doors are the polar opposite of molded doors. Flush doors wooden, and formed when the door is flat on both sides with no pattern. Paint-grade, stain-grade, and primed hardboard flush doors are all available.

#2 Construction of Doors 

After you’ve decided on a door style, here’s some information about how it’s made. Solid Particle Core (SC), Hollow Core (HC), and Solid Mineral Core (SMC) doors are available (MC). The weight and feel of an all-wood door are replicated by SC doors. Because of its strong, substantial design, SC doors provide increased security and limit sound transmission. Hollow Core doors are a significantly lighter and more cost-effective alternative to Solid Core doors. The Solid Mineral Core doors can withstand a fire for up to 60 minutes. These are made of fire-resistant mineral core material and have firestop stiles and rails.

#3 Select your Best Choice

Finally, you have the option of purchasing your door in a frame (pre-hung) or simply the door (slab). When choosing your interior doors, consider where they will be installed in your Newnan Ga. home. Also, decide whether the current frame will be adequate for your new door.

So now you know a bit about the fundamentals of interior doors! Please don’t hesitate to give WT Newnan Window Installers a call with any questions concerning your interior door needs!

WT Newnan Window Installers has a Large Stock of Interior Doors in Newnan Ga.!

What Interior door is on your to-do list for your Newnan Ga. home? Perhaps you’re considering a beautiful glass single door or an elegant french door. Prefinished fiberglass doors are a fantastic choice for low-maintenance convenience. For a front or rear entry, consider fiberglass, steel, or wood. 

If you’re searching for wood, wood with glass, or bifold doors for your interior renovation project, we have them all. Some types may also have door slabs available. For more options,  call WT Newnan Window Installers for more information.